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RoxyLabs Up 83% in IPO
Local company surges; typography credited

New York — RoxyLabs, the local chew-toy manufacturer, had a spectacular first day on the NASDAQ. Shares of RoxyLabs, priced at $20 each, rose to a high of $40.25 before closing at $36.60. RoxyLabs ended the day with a market capitalization of close to $517 billion, making it very prestigious.

CEO Vanessa Manganese took the news in stride. “Our performance today shows that investors believe in our strategy of taking a scientifically insignificant product and surrounding it with a lot of hype and unverifiable claims,” she said. “And of course, impressive typography.”   → page 3

— The superbly satisfying sans serif —
Designed by Matthew Butterick
Six weights with italics and small caps
Critic at Large: Hadleigh Goff-Plinkington
Angeleno Society Demolishes “Helicopters”

The Angeleno Society went down in flames this past Friday with the debut of Michael Broderick’s new play Black Helicopters.

How bad is it? By the end of the first act, merely bad would’ve been a welcome kind- ness. By the end of the second act, the audience, myself included, was reconsidering the value of free speech in our society.

Broderick (directing, to use an optimistic term, from his own script) stars as Potiphar Tewkesbury, a character who is himself a playwright and director. Autobiographical? You might think so, except that the play is set—inexplicably, unbearably—in the year 2605. This serves largely as a pretext for the cast to wear no   → cont’d on page 9

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Clarity, personality, simplicity, warmth.
Author William Zinsser, in his 1976 book On Writing Well, identified these as the four indispensable qualities of great writing. Why indispensable? Because the best writing is an expression of the writer’s humanity. These qualities allow that humanity to shine through. As a writer, I find Zinsser’s argument persuasive. And as a typographer, I find that his argument analogizes well to design. The designer’s role is to take mundane items and fill them with warmth and humanity. For instance, a font. What is it, really? Just a set of tiny black shapes. Yet, as every reader knows, those little shapes can express a huge range of emotions and possibilities. This contrast between constraints and possibilities is what anchors my enduring fascination with typography. Type possesses a strange magic. One reason I embark on new type-design projects is to understand that magic better. Another reason is to have some better fonts. Concourse is my first new sans serif design in nearly 20 years. Hopefully, I’ve learned a few things. Perhaps most important among them is that drawing letters is the lowest form of type design. The magic inhabits the spaces in between—on the page, but also between us as readers & writers. Type builds a bridge that spans time and space, that connects us through the written word, that lets us share warmth and humanity. There’s nothing else like it. MB

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The Two-
Dollar Bill
with special guest Redheaded Stepchild
Spinnaker Lounge ★ Vistamar Hotel ★ Thurs Jan 15
New album on Shmuddle Records available now
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Good art should
elicit a response
of ‘Huh? Wow!’
as opposed to
‘Wow! Huh?’
Ed Ruscha

Sporting Club
Quarterly Members’ Event
Weds Sept 29
7:30 PM
It’s the bantamweight
battle of the season
'Ice' Berg
This scrappy fighter from Maine
has improved greatly since
recent humiliations.
— vs. —
El Quetzal
The mystery man from Zihuatenejo
is almost undefeated and
rumored to be 18% tiger.
Immigration & Passport Control
Metro North Local 50ft
4-hour wait
from here
Beware of
falling rocks
next 350 mi
West Islingham 18km
Exit 3a
Emergency & Fire
Vehicles Only
Pull handle
to flush
926 Paper St · Los Angeles CA · 90027

Pedro Hyacinth
MegaBankers Inc.
1534 S. Broadway
New York NY 10041

Dear Mr. Hyacinth:

RoxyLabs, the leading chew-toy research facility in the Western Los Feliz area, is looking for a banking partner to help us consider strategic business alternatives and venture financing.

Of course, we’re familiar with your work on the IPO last quarter. I think you will find that RoxyLabs is uniquely well positioned to leverage its competitive advantage in multiple market segments.

With very best wishes for the upcoming holiday,

Vanessa Manganese
CEO, RoxyLabs

926 Paper St · Los Angeles CA · 90027
Vanessa Manganese
CEO & Chairman of the Board
(323) 555–2668 x59
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The AΩ² Programming Language    Sutcliffe & Lin
How to be a Good Girl      R. T. Boxer
Bad Boys & Soft Toys       Teddy Bearstone
Temeculan Tigers  Inez Crane
Traveler’s Guide to Esperanto
Doyle’s Encylcopædia of
Unusual Perspiration
1984 Colombian Warthog Annual       Jånssen, Ed.
Seemed Like a Good Idea     K. S. Nystedt
A People’s History of
20 Years of Great Achievements in Web Typography
of the Upper Los Angeles River
Topography for Liars              Brødt
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